Richmond Times-Dispatch | April, 2007

By John O'connor 

The San Diego Chargers selected Walker Gillette, a University of Richmond receiver, with the 15th pick of the 1970 NFL draft. 

Virginia Business | March, 2007

Piascik is on the list of Virginia’s leader accounting firms. Download the PDF!

Virginia Business | February, 2007

by Doug Childers 

Steve Piascik likes to go to bat for baseball players, but his talents lie in reducing taxes, not producing runs. 

Practical Accountant | January, 2007

The Richmond, Va.-area firm Piascik & Associates continues to see remarkable growth in its service helping international companies opening business entities in the U.S.

CFO | January, 2007
Overtime Magazine | December, 2006

Whether you're making Shaq money or you're on a two-week extension, chances are you've got some pesos to throw around. But that doesn't mean you should just throw them away. 

Piascik & Associates has some simple advice to make your work money work for you: 

The Wall Street Journal | September, 2006

Age: 38 
Tax Accountant, President and Founder of Piascik & Associates 

ESPN The Magazine | September, 2006
The Baltimore Sun | September, 2006
Disclosures | August, 2006

In 2004, to help offset the repeal of a tax break for U.S. exporters, Congress created a new deduction for U.S. businesses.

Virginia Medical News | April, 2006

Charitable contributions—we all think about them in terms of our private lives outside of the office, but how much thought do we give to such things as it regards to our business practices?

OT Magazine | December, 2005

The jock tax—what athlete hasn't heard of it, or felt the sting of it come April 15? Without the proper planning, of course, the sting becomes even more painful. After all, just as a foul ball, shooting over par or a fumble can cost you or your team dearly, SQ can fumbling your tax planning.

Accounting Today | May, 2005
The New York Times | February, 2005
Richmond Times-Dispatch | February, 2005

Bob Rayner

Steve Piascik knows a lot about the way professional athletes spend their money, right down to how much they're shelling out for cell phones and fancy dinners. 

Ot Magazine | September, 2004

Identifying smart investments will go a long way toward protecting your financial future.

Style Weekly | September, 2004

Steven Piascik recognized as one of the Top 40 under 40 successful young professionals who give back to the community