Professional athletes, like many high net-worth individuals, often face overwhelming financial challenges. With millions in taxable income, they not only must manage their own personal finances, but often those of other family members and any businesses or entities they own. Demands from team schedules, sponsor appearances and other contractual commitments often keep them traveling, domestically and abroad. These situations require an experienced tax firm that not only is up-to-date on the latest state, multi-state and foreign tax issues, but also understands the unique financial demands placed on professional athletes.

PIASCIK Business Management, has years of success in providing complex tax and accounting solutions to professional athletes. We understand the importance of your privacy, and we adhere to the strictest ethical and legal standards in the industry. We will ensure that your long-term goals are met, working closely with your family members, as well as your financial advisors, attorneys and business managers to implement tax-efficient strategies that best protect your interests and wealth, for future generations.

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