May, 2005

Richmond, VA (May 23, 2005) - For professional athletes, the short amount of time spent off the field is often filled with family, business issues and travel. Their lives are complicated, and many turn to someone other than themselves to help them manage their lives, from routine chores such as running errands to high-dollar decisions, like home management, travel planning and car shopping.

December, 2004

Richmond, VA (December 20, 2004) - PIASCIK P.C., a Richmond-based personalized tax and financial planning CPA firm, today announced it has received the 2004 Torch Award for Marketplace Integrity. Issued by the Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia, the Torch Award recognizes area companies that maintain a solid commitment to conducting their business practices in an ethical fashion.

September, 2004

PIASCIK Passport(SM) Program Assists Nanofocus, Inc. in Relocating to United States CPA Firm Helps German Company Solve Business and Cultural Challenges

June, 2004

PIASCIK PassportSM is One-Stop Solution Within Firm's New Headquarters

Richmond, Virginia (June 14, 2004) — PIASCIK, a Richmond-based personalized tax and financial planning CPA firm, has launched an innovative new program to help companies establish business operations in Virginia.

May, 2004

Media Contact: Windy Campbell (804) 285-1316

NFL recruits facing financial demands, as a result of new success.

August, 2003

Recent trends on the international tax scene regarding the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are clear: transfer pricing is a major of source of lost income for them when prices are not set at an arm’s length standard.

The IRS is looking to recoup these losses and imposes a 20 to 40 percent penalty added to the assessed tax against companies in violation of the IRS’ transfer pricing regulations.

June, 2003

Sports Hero!
Saving professional athletes millions makes Steve Piascik a hero, to his clients.

June, 2003

Possible Tax Implications for Companies Rebuilding Iraq
Contractors should be aware of international tax issues and other costs when bidding to rebuild Iraq