Import versus export taxes

Import taxes and export taxes have been utilized throughout history in an attempt to control the flow of resources, product and services into and out of a country.

Protectionism and free trade are opposing economic strategies countries implement for influencing their economic growth.

Import taxes are often in the form of tariffs, but have fallen sharply out of favor within the global community, even to the extent that there have been disagreements between the United States and the World Trade Organization. 

Export taxes have been used to limit the flow of resource leaving a country. However, the U.S. also uses export taxation as a method of encouraging oversea investments.

As the global community becomes more integrated, the IRS now only allows one form of income tax incentives for exporters. Interest charge domestic international sales corporations or IC-DISC, is the last income tax incentive US exporting companies have for reducing their U.S. income tax liabilities.

Export tax planning

Export tax planning can provide insights for further profitability through the substantial reduction of income tax liabilities. Taking the appropriate steps before beginning a project can be the difference between a successful strategy and failure.

Reviewing the same export tax plans afterward can aid in streamlining the company and maximizing tax incentives in conjunction with intercompany transactions, cost-sharing agreements, and transfer cost studies.

Expert export tax advisors 

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