No matter what you do in life, one thing is for certain. It will involve money. Educating children, paying taxes, retiring — every stage requires thoughtful planning. And help from a trusted partner.

At PIASCIK, we promise to be that partner, by delivering clear, concise, and intelligent financial strategies to our clients. Our associates listen to you, take ownership of your dreams and decisively act on your behalf. That's what separates PIASCIK from the many "customer distant" firms from which you have to choose.

Our Financial Services and Financial Planning for Individuals Include:

  • Comprehensive Personal Financial and Retirement Planning

  • Deferred Compensation Planning and Analysis
  • Estate and Trust Tax Strategies
  • Gift Tax Strategies
  • Tax Efficient Investment Strategies
  • Charitable Contribution Strategies
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction Strategies
  • Personal Financial Statement Preparation
  • Successful Financial Planning Accomplishing your Specific Goals 

Since our associates don't work on commission and aren't affiliated with any financial products, you can be certain that any advice we give is thoroughly objective. We always offer what's best for you and for your situation — now and in the years to come.

Case Study

The $56,000 Difference

Recently, PIASCIK resolved an IRS tax case that went back 8 years. The case involved alimony payments, and the IRS contended that the taxpayer owed them more than $40,000. After four other CPA firms failed to resolve the issue, our firm resolved the matter with the IRS paying the taxpayer more $16,000 instead of the taxpayer owing them $40,000. Result: Saved the taxpayer over $56,000. Case closed.