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June, 2004

New Program Helps Companies Start Business in Virginia

PIASCIK PassportSM is One-Stop Solution Within Firm's New Headquarters

Richmond, Virginia (June 14, 2004) - PIASCIK, a Richmond-based personalized tax and financial planning CPA firm, has launched an innovative new program to help companies establish business operations in Virginia.

Through the PIASCIK PassportSM program, companies receive assistance in obtaining necessary business licenses, tax identification numbers and legal assistance, while having access to temporary incubator-type office space, on-site at PIASCIK's new headquarters. Throughout the process, PIASCIK also helps the families of these companies on personal issues that they may face, including finding temporary housing, school enrollment and cultural assimilation.

Working with local governments and economic development authorities, PIASCIK also assists them with hiring employees and finding a permanent office location.

"At PIASCIK, we are constantly redefining our services to best help our clients succeed," says Steven M. Piascik, CPA, MT, founder and president of PIASCIK. "In meeting with many clients throughout the U.S. and abroad, we developed PIASCIK PassportSM as a means to fulfill their needs for personalized service that goes beyond just tax and financial planning."

Established in 2001 when Steve Piascik left a "Big Four" accounting firm, PIASCIK today employs dedicated associates with specialized expertise in tax services. In just three years, the firm has experienced significant growth in client base, staffing and revenues. To accommodate this growth, including PIASCIK PassportSM, the firm relocated its headquarters to its current location in June 2004.

Two businesses - a regional company as well as an international company establishing its first U.S. operations in Virginia - are utilizing the services offered by PIASCIK PassportSM, including office space on-site at the firm's headquarters. Additionally, PIASCIK has identified as many as 15 companies that are poised to take advantage of this new program.

"Young companies need questions answered and ideas exchanged - quickly and in person, rather than over the phone or e-mail," says PIASCIK. "Having these clients on-site enables collaboration that can yield long-term success - both for the companies and for PIASCIK."

The flexibility of the program allows it to be adapted for any type of company, both domestic and international. The company may utilize as few or as many components of the program as are applicable, relative to that company's needs.

PIASCIK is well prepared to handle the needs of businesses establishing operations in Virginia. Its growing international practice spans seven countries and four continents. PIASCIK's associates have past experience working in the international divisions of Fortune 500 companies. Terri Noll, client relations supervisor for PIASCIK, is overseeing the PIASCIK PassportSM program. Being able to communicate with clients in German, Russian, Czech and Japanese allows Noll to address the varied needs of international clients.

PIASCIK provides premier personalized financial services to a broad range of clients throughout the United States and abroad. The firm serves publicly traded companies to multi-million dollar international companies, as well as businesses ranging from automotive and retail to medical practices, as well as high wealth individuals including professional athletes. The firm's associates bring in-depth knowledge and experience to enable clients to benefit from top-notch personalized service from CPAs that understand their specific business needs For more information, please visit